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Discover the different ways our virtual reality digital twins cultivate new possibilities and opportunities for your business.

  • Lock

    Access Control

    Secure and control access seamlessly through our integrated door management solution.

  • camera icon

    Live Camera Feeds

    Real-time visual insights with seamless live camera feed integration.

  • Cog

    Business Operations

    Optimise and streamline your daily operations for enhanced efficiency and productivity with real-time collaborations, data sharing and more...

  • Academic cap icon

    Training & Onboarding Experiences

    Revolutionise training and onboarding experiences by offering immersive and interactive solutions that efficiently engage and educate your staff.

  • Clipboard

    Project Management

    Plan, monitor, and collaborate on projects in your virtual 3D space. Enabling real-time visualisation and data-driven decision-making.

  • Information icon

    IOT Sensor Integration

    Harness the power of IoT data with seamless sensor integration through AWS for actionable insights.

  • Computer

    Virtual Meetings

    An immersive and interactive way to collaborate and communicate seamlessly from within a realistic 3D environment, regardless of physical locations.

  • megaphone

    Marketing & V-Commerce

    Elevate marketing with immersive V-Commerce experiences to engage customers and drive sales.


Decreased travel time and costs by removing the need for site visits.


Increased sales by inspiring more customers to visit your property or business.


Reduction in carbon emissions by eliminating the need for travel.


Cut project time by enabling teams to access a property - anytime, anywhere.

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